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New Site, New Book

May 23, 2016

After a longer-than-expected hiatus, the new site is finally live. I've decided to move away from the Wordpress format and rebuild everything from the ground up, as this gives me much greater control and eliminates bloated code. Going forward, the main content on this site will be illustrated micro fiction - these were always the more popular posts on the old site, and they take me significantly less time to produce than regular short stories and articles. The Wordpress site previously located at will most likely remain inactive, although I may use the blog format for other purposes in the future. The Tumblr will also receive a makeover along with new content.

Finally, I have released the Second Edition of my short story collection, "The Screaming Door and Other Stories", on Amazon. This is a complete revision of the original edition, rebuilt from scratch using HTML and CSS rather than Amazon's built-in tools, and it features new illustrations and stories.

The Second Edition features:

The second edition will replace the first edition in the Amazon listings. Unfortunately, because of the size of the update, current owners of the First Edition will not be able to update to the Second Edition for free, but they will keep their current edition in their Kindle library.