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I've been working as a freelance English <> Swedish translator for five years, with most of my clients belonging to the entertainment industry. If you are interested in a quote, please contact me at translation (at)

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Writing is an emotional and sensitive process, and one that is familiar to me. Few things irk an author more than seeing their work mangled by a hack. As a writer and translator, I treat my source material with care, attention and respect, ensuring an accurate transition between English and Swedish.

I have translated, localized and adapted numerous scripts for British and Swedish television, working comfortably in both language pairs. I am well-acquainted with both UK and US English colloquialisms, slang and everyday speech, having traveled America and lived in England for many years, and my translations have helped bring some of Sweden’s finest script authors to an international audience.


Subtitling is the art of omission. The meaning of the spoken word must be communicated clearly and concisely in order for the letters to fit on the screen and give the reader enough time to process the information. This means that the translator must determine which information is dispensable, crucial or desirable. At the same time, the word order and stylistic choices must be similar to the source language, or a Swedish viewer with a fair grasp of English will become distracted. When done right, subtitles should feel like a natural extension of the viewing experience, never drawing attention to themselves.

I have written, formatted, timed and translated subtitles for over 32,000 minutes of video, including feature films, TV-series, documentaries, DVD-supplements, interviews and video-on-demand for all major entertainment companies in the West and throughout Europe.

Video Games & Software

I draw from my background in linguistic games testing and quality assurance coordination to ensure that every string is delivered to specification, glossary-consistent, length-restricted and correctly encoded. Don’t worry if your text file is swollen with tags and brackets – I have a good understanding of programming principles and markup languages, and you can rest assured that my translations won’t throw a spanner in your works.

In addition to programming comprehension, I move comfortably in HTML and CSS, and am fully-versed in the use of Trados, Omega-T, MemoQ, PoEdit, TestTrack Pro, DevTrack/DevTest, JIRA, Confluence, Software Planner, XLOC, SpiraTest, Localize Direct and IssueView. Over the past five years, I have translated hundreds of thousands of words for console games, PC games, mobile games and related marketing materials.